Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I picked up my dawg today from the Flagler Humane Society at noon. I think he was happy to be leaving, but it is hard to tell
because he always looks happy. I wanted to change his name from Hunter to Walker(Texas Ranger), but, he comes so good when i call Hunter, i hate to mess with something that is working. He weights 74 pounds and probably needs to gain another 20 pounds. Today he has had 4 bowls of water and 2 servings of food and 2 walks. Now he is sleeping in the middle of the floor, that is after we had the discussion about not sleeping on the furniture.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Beginning

I have been retired since the end of July and i am loving it. I want to conquer the technical stuff of the world, among other things.
I am working on digital photography, mac computer, iphone, and blogging. I will try to do something everyday that is worthy of posting. It may be a fun minute with my new dog Walker (a rescue dog), great ideas from my grandchildren, or niece and nephew, a great quote of the day, or a great picture. Everything is up up grabs. If you have something to add, please do.

For today, i want the Thank Robyn from Flagler Beach for getting me started. I have been in Flagler Beach for 2 months and I am loving it. It has a really small town feel..Heck it is a small town. A Jewel in the rough. I am trying to figure a way to live here all the time. IF i had 2 houses in Ft Worth to sell, I could move here. Guess we will see how the economy goes.
I have met some wonderful folks in Flagler Beach. Unfortunately i will have to head back to Ft Worth the first of Dec.
I will be picking up my new dog, Walker, from the Flagler Humane Society tomorrow. We will have to get acquainted and see if i can set up the house rules. Wish me luck